'Marvel Future Fight' X-Men Characters Confirmed [VIDEO]; Deadpool, Fantastic Four Joining the Roster Soon?

By Miguel Paolo Togonon, | June 07, 2017

The X-Men are added in "Marvel Future Fight's" roster consisting of Wolverine, Cyclops, Beast, Rogue, Storm, Phoenix and Magneto. (YouTube)

The X-Men are added in "Marvel Future Fight's" roster consisting of Wolverine, Cyclops, Beast, Rogue, Storm, Phoenix and Magneto. (YouTube)

New updates for "Marvel Future Fight" will feature the X-Men in the game and the possibility of adding Deadpool and the Fantastic Four in the roster soon.

Marvel and Netmarble officially announced the X-Men as part of the roster of "Marvel Future Fight" as Marvel Games executive creative Director Bill Rosemann tweeted the good news along with a new gameplay trailer.

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As seen in the trailer, the X-Men team will consist of classic mutant characters such as Logan/Wolverine, Scott Summers/Cyclops, Ororo Monroe/Storm, Rogue, Jean Grey/Phoenix, Hank McCoy/Beast and Erik Lensherr Magnus/Magneto.

Just like any character in "Marvel Future Fight" players can have access to many different attacks for each character such Cyclop's optic blast, Storm's weather manipulation and even Magneto's control of metal, and players can upgrade and unlock more abilities as they progress with each character, CosmicBookNews reported.

Netmarble had originally teased these characters via a number of “classified files,” but it is good that they are finally getting them. Fans have wanted to play as the X-Men in "Marvel Future Fight" for sometime, but due to the rights being owned Fox, it seem unlikely at the time, until now.

With X-Men joining "Marvel Future Fight", will Marvel and gaming fans expect more Fox owned Marvel characters in the game soon?

So far, the roster in "Marvel Future Fight" are consisted of characters such as the Avengers, Spider-Man, Inhumans etc. due to their connection the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but with the X-Men being part of the roster, it seems that the game will not limit itself to the MCU, adding a bigger room in the Marvel Universe.

Many gaming fans wanted to see other X-Men related characters such as Wade Wilson/Deadpool, Nathan Summers/Cable, Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler, Bobby Drake/Iceman and many more , as well as characters from the Fantastic Four since they are also owned by Fox.

Other characters fans would like to see include Legion, especially after the successful TV show, and The New Mutants. They are all part of the X-Men universe, so fans would love to see them be in the game, especially with the New Mutants film next year.

"Marvel Future Fight" is available now for both iOS and Android devices as a free download.

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