The Least Known Side-Effects of Marijuana use That Everyone Should Know

By Jacques Strauss, | June 19, 2017

'Spice' Synthetic Marijuana

'Spice' Synthetic Marijuana

The side-effects of marijuana use are still highly debated today. For non-weed users, effects would only be limited to addiction and respiratory problems, but the reality of its side-effect cuts deep.

Dry mouth, dizziness, and an increase of appetite are some of the commonly reported side-effects of cannabis use. However, there is a more severe impact of weed to the body that everyone should learn to understand and accept.  

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For starters, the memory of an individual is highly affected by the constant use of marijuana. A 2011 study revealed that memory impairment is more severe in teenagers, which could have lasting effects.

Apart from memory issues, an ongoing chronic use of cannabis also affects the intelligence of an individual. According to a study, on average, an eight-point IQ loss of individuals between 13 to 38 years old are experienced.

The dangerous side-effects of marijuana do not only affect the user itself. For pregnant women who use cannabis during pregnancy could also affect the development of their child.

Smoking, much more of weed, is never advisable for pregnant women. If continually done, the brain and behavioral development of the child could be at risk.

Meanwhile, the risk of increased physical side-effects of marijuana use is still being highlighted by experts. To name a few, liver and testicular cancer are some of the potential side-effects.

Moreover, respiratory diseases and lung diseases could also be the potential side-effect of smoking cannabis. According to the American College of Cardiologists report, "using marijuana raises the risk of stroke and heart failure even after accounting for demographic factors, other health conditions and lifestyle risk factors such as smoking and alcohol use."

Seeing that, it is highly advisable to manage one's addiction to the use of weed. Continuous cannabis smoking, although may have a momentary feel-good effect, it would inevitably harm the body in the long run.

Watch here below long-term side-effects of marijuana use:

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