Why Hitman 2 May Be the Most Anticipated Release of 2018

By Telegiz , | June 19, 2018

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Agent 47 is back. Exclusive gameplay from Warner Bros Games at E3 in Los Angeles earlier in June showcased Hitman 2 ahead of its November 13 2018 release. Fans have praised the advanced level of gameplay - such as huge crowd scenes with each animation brimming with possibility - the new targets to assassinate, and new abilities to discover. But, its clear from the emerging gameplay that the game retains the same charm that resulted in the success of the franchise so far. Audiences know what to expect, and the anticipation that the new release will go back to the success of earlier editions shows how the franchise remains so enduring.

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Hitman 2 Will Be Released in November 2018

Many who played the game at E3 lauded the fact that the game has gone back to its roots of the IO Interactive game series. The episodic format has been dropped from the 2016 game - which saw Agent 47 dispatching in six different episodes released throughout the year, with one extra mission entitled Patient Zero released almost a year after the first one. Interest was then maintained through various updates to missions and extra content for fans. This time, the content is all being rolled out at once, and the game has a more coherent feel to it. The 2016 game was a move away from Square Enix, who had developed many of the latest editions, and were focusing on mobile and tablet versions of the game instead. The demo at E3 offered clues to a level based in Miami at a racing festival as Agent 47 is tasked with assassinating one of the drivers. The narrative of the rest of the game was kept secret, but the teaser showcased just how the scale and scope for the game had increased in line with gaming technology.

Agent 47 Is Not Just a Game

The enduring nature of the series has even spawned several films. Despite their critical reception being less than ideal - the 2007 Hitman received 15% fresh rating on aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes - the series retains its cult following. The reboot, Hitman: Agent 47 grossed $82million against its $35million budget, showing that the series does have legs. John Wick creator Derek Kolstad announced in 2017 that he was developing a TV series for Hulu based around the character of Agent 47. Indeed, online casino Betway even hosts Hitman slots, adapted from Agent 47, which further shows how the game has traversed pop culture from just being a video game into being a lot more. There are even diehard collector's Hitman merchandise - from the tie that Agent 47 wears, to mugs and keychains with memorabilia and the insignia from the franchise on them.

Hitman on the Go

Square Enix divesting of IO and the IP for Hitman meant that Warner Bros were able to develop the latest game, while Square Enix will continue to develop the mobile versions of the game, which have been in play since 2014. Hitman: Go and Hitman: Sniper appealed to the emerging mobile market of 2014-2015. The fact that fans are so galvanized for Hitman's return in 2018, especially given that a traditional Hitman game hasn't been released since Hitman: Blood Money in 2006, shows how much of a strong proposition it is as a game. Even the puzzle-based Hitman game, Hitman Go kept fans in the loop of the franchise and engaging with the character, despite offering different gameplay to what was expected. The mobile versions of Hitman helped maintain the fan's adoration for the character and franchise while the developers worked on further console versions. The new release will focus on the current timeline, as previous games have meandered back into the past, such as the Hitman Beta, which gave a glimpse into Hitman's origins.

Hitman continues to wow fans 18 years since Agent 47 first burst onto our screens. The continued improvements and advancements of the game, while remaining true to the format that first appealed to fans, has helped cement Hitman as one of the strongest franchises in modern video-gaming history. If the teaser demo was anything to go by, Hitman 2 is going to continue to keep fans energized about the franchise through 2018 and long past it.

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