Google Yeti: Will it be a Netflix for Video Games?

By Telegiz , | June 20, 2018

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Do you love watching your favorite movies and shows online? While cable was an in thing even a decade back, most people are shying away from subscribing to one today, and instead want to go in for subscription based services like Netflix. It offers them all the entertainment they need, and they can pay a more economical price for the shows they watch rather than pay for a bundle of shows that they would never even get the time to binge watch.

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TV has truly changed with the online and Netflix phenomenon.

Netflix, for one, has transformed the entertainment industry entirely- you can pay a small subscription fee per month and get access to a vast number of movies and series. A same kind of service has been confirmed to be launched by Google- only in the area of video games.

Netflix for Video Gameson

Google Yeti, as the project is named, will stream video games just like Netflix streams movies and other videos. Gamers won't need to install the games on their devices and can directly play it using Google Chromecast or Google consoles. The only thing they will need is a high-speed internet connection of at least 1 mbps.

Google is really serious about the project and their main competitors are Sony Playstation and Microsoft's Xbox. The company brought in Phil Harrison- who acted as an executive in PlayStation and Xbox. Google is going to stream the games directly from its cloud servers directly through internet.

Google has been in touch with different game developers but the details are sparse. Gamers may be able to get exclusive games on Google Yeti or the existing ones in the market for their subscription fee. Playstat has its own streaming service which is charged at $20 per month; so we can guess Google with price its subscription within $10 to $20.

The service offered by Playstation is limited in content and number of users. They also stream video games directly from the servers through high-speed internet connection. Gamers also don't need to have the Playstation console to access the games. Google might work on the same concept but they already have a huge audience acquired through their service and a good reputation in the market.

How Can it Bring the Next Disruption?

Soon the service may take over the video game industry and open a new form of gaming. They will give a tough competition to both Sony and Microsoft if they offer the service at an affordable rate even just for the desktop users. The gamers won't need to download a game that amounts to 6 to 10 GBs and can directly play it from their device.

Gamers will also be saved from looking for pirated versions illegally downloading them. They don't have to pay for the games in Google Yeti individually but just a monthly fee to access a huge library of games. We have to wait for a few more months before more details are released by Google.

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