Preparing For The NAHQ CPHQ Exam

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CPHQ stands for Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality. It is a certification that you get after clearing the exam administered by NAHQ (National Association of Healthcare Quality). NAHQ was founded in the 1976 and since that time has been a big name in the healthcare industry. The organization created a certificate board committee in the year 1981. After the development of this committee, the certification program was launched back in the year 1983. In the year 1983, 226 applicants took the CPQA exam. CPQA stands for Certified Professional in Quality Assurance. The name of the certification was changed to CPHQ in the year 1992.

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NAHQ is actually involved in periodic practice analysis through which it determines the proficiencies and the skills that are highly essential for the CPHQ professionals who are currently in practice. The results of the analysis are utilized tomodify the exam contents. The most recent modification took place in the year 2018 and the exact date was January 1st.

Test Function

As mentioned earlier, the  is provided to healthcare professionals. The majority of the applicants who appear for the test have their focus on patient safety or healthcare quality. It must be well noted that the CPHQ certificate is not a precondition for any kind of employment. However, there are several career benefits which are well attached to this certification. Having this credential means that you are someone who knows about the practice and principles of health care quality. Since the year 1983, around 19,340 applicants have passed this exam and around 70% have been able to successfully gain the CPHQ certification. There are around 7300 active CPHQs who are practicing worldwide at the moment.

Test Administration

There are no particular education or experiment criteria as far as appearing for the exam is concerned. You can apply for this certification if you are someone who is associated with the field of health quality. If you are an NAHQ member, then the exam fee for you will be $399. You have to pay the fee online. If you are not a member of NAHQ, then in such a case your fee will be $469. If you do not wish to pay online, then in there is no issue as you can always pay by check. However, through check you need to pay $25 extra.

Once you have applied for the exam, you have 90 days to officially schedule an appointment for it. The test will be computer-based and the best thing about it lies in the fact that it is offered year around. There are around 130 AMP test centers in the United States where the exam is conducted; as an applicant, you need to bring at least 2 forms of identification along with you in the test center. You also need to bring at least one photo ID. The time duration for the entire examination is 3 hours. The good thing about this exam is that it is not adaptive which means that if you wish you can always go back and change your answer.

If,unfortunately, you fail the test, then you can reappear after 90 days of your last attempt. You need to repay the exam free and an entire new application form must be submitted by you. If you are someone who is disabled, then no worries as you can ask for special accommodation directly from the AMP.

Test Structure and Environment

As mentioned above, for admission to the test center you need to show at least 2 forms of identification: one is your photo ID and the other can be your driving license or passport. You are not allowed to take any kind of personal items whether it be wallet or keys inside the test room. If you have a coat or a watch along with you, then you need to place that in the locker room. You will be provided with the pencils and scratch papers for the exam. You have to return back the scratch papers if you want to get the exam scores. As is the case with all the test centers you are not allowed to smoke, eat and drink in the test center.

The CPHQ exam is a home to multiple-choice questions. It is a computer-basedtest where you as an applicant have to answer 140 different questions. 15 of them are pretest which means there are no marks for these questions. The 4 key areas of the exam are:

- Organizational Leadership

- Performance and Process Improvement

- Patient Safety

- Health Data Analytics

The questions are application based thus you need to apply and interpret the information or recall questions where you need use specific definitions, facts,and concepts. You need to complete this certification test within three hours.

Test Benefits

Attaining the CPHQ certification enhances your skills. Having this certification means that you are someone:

- Who can facilitate the development of leadership skills and values.

- Who can facilitate the development and assessment of organization's culture and quality.

- Who can participate in the strategic planning of an organization.

- Who can identify the external and internal supplier and customer relationships.

- Who can participate in the creation of organization's mission and vision statement.

- Who can develop the objectives and goals of the organization.


In today's competitive job environment,mere academic degrees are not enough to save your career. Yes, you may get an initial job based on your degree however to excel you need to gain additional certifications and among these credentials, the CPHQ certificate is a big name. Not only will the certification help you in enhancing your skills,but will also help you succeed in your career. However, getting the CPHQcredential is not a piece of cake as you have to prepare well for its test. There are countless tutorials and study material available on the Internet which you can use for your exam preparation.

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