Gaming Guide: Ways of Earning Money Thru Gaming

By Jacques Strauss, | June 29, 2017

A pro-gamer tries to Livestream her gaming activities.

A pro-gamer tries to Livestream her gaming activities.

For most parents and spectators, gaming is but a waste of time. However, for pro gamers, gaming is life for there is money in it.

In today's generation, it is not enough that you work hard, for you also need to work smart. That is why some people choose to immerse themselves into gaming to earn money while enjoying themselves.

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As pro gamers would attest, live streaming is one of the best options to earn money. The goal here is to build a large audience that would view your gameplay in real-time. Most gamers are earning real money from huge platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, according to Make Use Of.

If you are already an expert on a particular game, you may also earn money by simply guiding some newbies. By creating guides via blog or video sharing platforms, you may monetize with ads to earn cash. In some instances, some gamers would even publish ebooks which yield a promising revenue, especially if you have already established an audience online.

Another avenue through which one may earn through gaming is by buying and selling of virtual goods. This method of earning money online became popular along with the rise of role playing games, like Diablo III.

The goal here is to farm for valuables, like gold and precious items. After you have gathered the valuables, you may sell it directly to an individual or via auction houses online, according to The Telegraph.

Similar to item farming, you may also earn money by selling not a valuable item but rather your character. This method of earning is perfect for games like the "World of Warcraft."

Although this has been forbidden by game's strict rules, there are still some players who manage to go around the rules. In some cases, most advanced and highly powerful characters are often sold for a few pounds up to $10,000.

Watch here below ways of earning money online apart from gaming:

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